Blinded by the past and silenced by the future

Blinded by the past and silenced by the future

Jackie De Klerk


Blinded by the past 
and silenced by the future, 
the women had no power.


Blinded by the past and silenced by the future2
In a male dominated society,
A woman loses her identify.
Except maybe get addressed
as the WIFE,
Or the child’s MOTHER.


Her right to speak and see.
Is SAFE behind the family tree!?
All her life she shall be free,
In grooming up and looking after the tree.


But beyond that, she could not leave the tree.
She would never fly for her dreams with wings.
She would not see the world and its things.
‘Cause she is fettered by family and she’s free only to what family brings.
And a identity for herself doesn’t come under such things.


Jessica Jane
With her sight taken by him 
and to have no voice to be heard 
by using a child to keep her quiet.


Faith Dunsmuir


Like father like son, 
both silencing the woman 
that is so much more 
than wife and mum


Rinku Shah
Female oppression!
Denied basic expression
Passed down each generation,
Is this progress 
or regression?


Binod Oram


She is the string 
that holds the family together, 
without a dream in her eyes 
neither a word of wish 

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