July 23, 2018


Atychiphobia (n.)
Fear of failure; fear of not being good enough

7 comments on “Atychiphobia

  1. That’s a tough one. Fear is okay. Just have faith you can handle all the outcome. Imagine yourself troubleshooting/handling the worst case scenario

  2. It is not fear that creates any sort of phobia. It is, “not knowing fear” that causes phobia.
    Not knowing fear creates phobia, knowing fear brings freedom from it.
    Phobia is not the product of fear, it is the byproduct of fear!!!!

  3. Through failure/mistakes we learn…
    What’s scarry when you don’t fear anything anymore, it meams you are over confident enough to see yourself as perfect not bound to commit mistakes or failure. Just saying. That’s why there’s room for improvement.

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