Assessing Myself, One Piece At A Time

Assessing Myself, One Piece At A Time
Kayley Easterbrook

Assessing myself,
one piece at a time.


Casey Thomas

Will this piece
bring me peace?


Rinku Shah

The puzzle in the mind
is constantly changing,
just when you think
you’ve got it all figured out
it will rearrange itself.
Challenges keep us going
Life is in doing!


Debra Pry

The mind is a puzzle,
just when you think
you got it figured out
Another piece unfolds
to a new perception.


Martin Xayachack

Even the greatest of minds,
are left puzzled at times.


Tara D. Cherizard

Just because it fits
doesn’t mean it will complete you.


Nicky Vee

Is this the piece
that makes me whole?

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