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Allow girls to Achieve

Allow girls to Achieve

“Oh! Is your daughter doing Ph.D?” one among the ladies asked the other.

“Yeah” the lady replied.

“Have you started to search matches for your daughter?” another lady asked her.

“No. We are waiting for her to finish her studies” the lady replied.

“Get her married soon. What if your daughter’s education qualification exceeds the guy’s qualification? Or what if she earns more than the guy? And what if your girl doesn’t get proposals?” the ladies started imposing their opinions on her.

“If that’s the case, I’ll talk to my husband soon” the lady replied and went ahead to talk to her husband even without giving a thought about what they had said.


Why can’t a girl have a better qualification than a guy?

Why can’t a girl’s pay cheque be more than the man?

Is it a norm that a wife should be lesser than her husband?

If yes, then why the girls’ are being educated?


This is something that it to be dealt with the men of our society. Why can’t a man accept a woman who is better than him? Why is that always a woman should be inferior to the man? When a woman can accept wholeheartedly her man’s success, then why can’t a man? Is this how a man protects his ego? Is it in this way the man shows his dominance over his woman? Isn’t marriage an emotional bonding of two souls?


To all the girls who wants to be successful, never give your ear to those people who look down upon you. Never care about those who portrays that marriage is everything for they don’t know the happiness in receiving the first salary. Never listen to those ladies who tells you to stop going for work as they don’t know what is to be independent and they don’t know what it is to be self content in life. Never pay heed to all those aunties who asks you to get married just because you have turned 25 or 30 because they don’t know what is to love one’s own company. Only when you love yourself, you will be able to love someone.


To all those stereotyped people, never tear the wings of the girl only to belittle her in front of a man. Never stop a girl from achieving her dreams. Marriage alone is not everything is a girl’s life. We too like men have our aims and ambitions. We are not asking your help or support to achieve success instead we are asking to respect the life we have chosen.  We may miss a match now and then but at the end, we will get a better best half because not all men are same.


A note to all the stereotypes, for girls like us settling in life is not about getting married. Instead settling in life is standing on our own feet, earning our own bread. And we don’t intend to say that we will remain single forever. We are trying to tell that we will get married on the day when we feel so and not on the day we turn 22 or 23.  We may even marry a man who earns lesser than us because we are not looking for economic dependence, instead we are looking for emotional dependence.

A woman who asks for nothing deserves everything, is getting it on her own..