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Admist Traffic

Admist Traffic

We are stuck in traffic.

Everyone hates being in there. Everyone knows they are stuck. Everyone wants a way out. And this is the reason of traffic: Everyone wants a way out for himself not for all.

Everyone wants the same that is to clear the traffic yet nobody can, as no one is ready to move out of his vehicle.. and find the reason of this chaos. Everyone is waiting for someone to clear the traffic.. someone else to be the guard.

But the traffic can be easily cleared-off rather it will not be there in the first place if we leave our tendency to place our interest above the whole.

We are in the middle of chaos. The world around us is no different than the traffic. All we need to do to clear the traffic is to place the interest of whole before the interest of the one.

Life is no secret, it’s the Obvious that is often overlooked.