8 Toxic People You Should Just Get Rid Of


8 Toxic People You Should Just Get Rid Of

8 Toxic People You Should Just Get Rid Of:

1. Those who spread negativity.

2. Those who criticize you all the time.

3. Those who waste your time.

4. Those who are jealous.

5. Those who play the victim.

6. Those who don’t care.

7. Those who are self-centered.

8. Those who keep disappointing you.

43 responses to “8 Toxic People You Should Just Get Rid Of”

  1. Dora Avatar


  2. Dora Avatar


  3. Jyoti Agarwal Poddar Avatar

    i really do this practically

  4. Jyoti Agarwal Poddar Avatar

    yes agree completely.

    1. Dora Avatar


  5. Laine Foster Avatar

    AMEN to that…

  6. Mostafa Fawzy Avatar

    number 8 is a big one

  7. Pattie McKenzie Avatar

    Daisy you need to read this!!

  8. Robert Bust Avatar

    I’ve got a few, whom forget what I’ve done for them & still treat me like shit, & only care for themselves or what’s going to happen to them in the future, cause they had a shit past.

  9. Steve Neilson Avatar

    I guess start with the ones who fit all 8..?

    1. Charlize Chaplin Avatar

      My house mate is a 6,7,8!

    2. Steve Neilson Avatar

      This might damage my facebook status, I’ll have to delete everyone.. even my mum! lol.

  10. Deb Vieweg Avatar

    …and all at the same time!

  11. Faiza Saeed Ch Avatar

    Whose company encourages you and become happy to see you flourishing

  12. Todd Futher Avatar

    After reading this list, who’s left? lol Disheartening, really. However, learn to enjoy your own company and that of your pets.

  13. Dewi Fôn Evans Avatar

    We have to keep five-a-shide numbers up… so we’ll need to deal with it

  14. Khu Let Avatar

    Hana Boayes kasama kaba dito? Wahhahahahaha

    1. Hana Boayes Avatar

      Pra sakin hnd..dku alam sau

  15. Robbin Banks Avatar

    I don’t believe getting rid of is the solution! Keeping at arms length would be my style of approach, I mean what about those who you see suffering with depression, those who have been to hell and back and life really has shit on them and because of this they have negative traits about them, do we just “get rid” of them? Is that humanity? Just walk away from the endless potential you see inside them?
    I don’t think that’s right! I think helping them (not being a slave to them, or feeding them the victim card) but just being around for them letting them know they aren’t alone. I think that’s important <3

  16. Moe Be Avatar

    Let them play the fucken Victim what’s bothering you everyone enjoyed his way like WTF !

  17. Wendy Blyth Avatar

    If I got rid of all them there would be no one left.lol

  18. James Talbot Avatar

    I live a healthy life and anyone trying to bring drugs, alcohol, crime and such in my life will hear my negative points of views. To them I’m toxic to me they’re toxic. Toxic is a perspective.
    I think only keep people sroumd you that supports positive things

  19. Gina R. Jaranilla Avatar

    Killing me softly..Roberta Flack

  20. Tertia Malyon Avatar

    Ciaran CiCi Malyon

  21. Saul Alvarez Avatar

    Number seven! Hahaha

  22. Siddarth Sharma Avatar

    Bitter truth….m all of d abov statement

  23. Phyllis Stilson Avatar


  24. Cynthia F. Rodavia Avatar

    If you are my friend I keep you , I love you.. and tell you and point it out to you if you are wrong.. I stay besides you and just be happy with any whatever.. ♡♡♡

  25. Diane Challenor Avatar

    If only it was that easy! Sometimes, through “duty” and “responsibility” one has to find a “work-around” solution instead of a “walk-away” way out.

  26. Susana Ford Avatar

    if you have idealized someone it seems weird when they are out of your life at first… But then time makes you see how fine you are with out them. I see some of these people again and I tell myself “what was a thinking about having them in my life?”. I feel so free now.

  27. Stella Maris Tizz Avatar

    LOL then you would have to get rid of just about everybody. Including yourself. LOL

  28. Lynnette Neff Avatar

    A few come to mind…

  29. Kim Nelson Avatar

    yeah I just got a nasty reminder of this recently.

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