5 Tips on How to Wake Up Early and Feel Refreshed

Media influencers and entrepreneurs keep telling us that waking up early is the key to productivity.

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Easier said than done.

So, no wonder you still find yourself bound to the bed and yelling at your alarm clock.

Good news:

I have a solution that will help you love your mornings. These 5 simple steps are my personal experience on the way to become an early bird. And I’m willing to share them with you right now.

What’s Behind Your Troubles With Waking Up?

The answer is right here:

If you don’t suffer from any chroniс conditions that interfere with your sleep, chances are that the cause will be either sleep inertia or abnormal circadian rhythms.

Sleep Inertia

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Do you know this sluggish and groggy feeling that haunts you in the morning right after waking up? You don’t understand where you are and even the simplest tasks, such as washing your face or making coffee, require an eternity to perform.

This is sleep inertia.

The good thing is, it can be easily cured.

You see, some studies show that sleep inertia is linked to the sleep phase in which a person was at the time of their awakening.

Our average sleep cycle has two major phases: non-REM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The non-REM phase consists of several stages:

  • light sleep or drowsiness;
  • medium sleep;
  • deep sleep.

The deep sleep stage helps both the brain and the body rest and recover. However, if you wake up during this stage, then you most likely will experience grogginess and a decrease in cognitive abilities, which can take from as little as one minute to as long as four hours.

Or, until you have your coffee.

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