5 Things Women Like Based On Their Zodiac Sign

5 Things Women Like Based On Their Zodiac Sign

5 Things They Like:

Aries: Combat boots, Fake IDs, Lipstick seta. debates, mouthwash

Taurus: Doughnuts, long showers, sleeping, the ocean, midnight snacks

Gemini: Trivia games, getting stuff on sale, high-waisted shorts, Brandy Melville, swimming

Cancer: Sad animal movies, sweatpants, popcorn, bunny slippers, cuddling

Leo: Breakfast in bed, Harry Potter, full-body mirrors, concealer, Netflix

Virgo: Lint rollers, Agenda, HGTV, gym memberships, running

Libra: NAKED palette, people with abs, starbursts, skinny Jeans, Starbucks

Scorpio: Dark clothing, fake vampire fangs, tattoos, black nail polish, morbid poetry.

Sagittarius: Push up bras, T-shirts with slogans on them, leadership opportunities, belly button piercings, riding a scooter without a helmet.

Capricorn: Triple-shot espressos, ankle socks, dry shampoo, alarm clocks, Crossword puzzles.

Aquarius: Video games, alien documentaries, love cut tops, revenge, colored stripes in their hair.

Pisces: Stuffed animals, glitter makeup, body length memory foam pillows, skittles, fuzzy socks.

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