5 Best Writing Tools for After Divorce Remedy


Saying a divorced woman’s life has been turned upside down by a failed marriage is a massive understatement. Everything you knew will have changed in some way or another. Every routine you had in your life will have altered permanently. You can look at your divorce as if it were an unbreakable roadblock, or you can think of it as a fresh new beginning where you are only limited by your sense of determination and your imagination.


Dealing With A Divorce Is Never Easy


No doubt you feel a wide range of mixed emotions, but do yourself a favor and forget about emotions for a while. It is time to start growing and exploring your options. Don’t allow stress to get on top of you.


Don’t opt to do things in silence where you may dwell on what went wrong. If you feel stress bubbling up, take time to yourself and try a few of these stress-relieving activities.


  Do anything creative. You cannot dwell if you are creating, and there is no limit to whichever creative field you explore.


  See your friends more and re-connect with forgotten members of your family.


  Take up exercise. After a few weeks, your jogging and swimming will start to feel really good. Try to achieve a runner’s high.


  Spend more time with your kids and do fun activities that you never used to do. Remember that they have to adjust too.


  Try creative writing, or even try academic writing. Start by writing down your top ten tips for women who have just divorced. Give people the benefit of your experience and show them you are not alone.


Writing Is Easy…Being A Good Writer Is Very Difficult


The reason why so many online articles and why so many e-books are terrible is because the act of writing is easy, but being a good, engaging, informative and entertaining writer is very difficult. What is worse is that most people don’t know how bad they are at writing because each writer is blinded by his or her pride of creation. Some call it “Pride of Authorship” thanks to the Simpsons, but its first mention in academic journals notes it as the Ikea Effect. The theory is that if you create something, you are often blinded by your own attachment to it to the point where you cannot see its flaws and you feel personally insulted when it is criticized.


Becoming a good and professional writer involves improving yourself every time you write. Each writing session should end with a cold and clinical analysis of what you have written and how you have written it. If you do not end each writing session by learning something, then you are not improving. Here are 7 effective writing techniques for modern professionals that may help you improve your writing techniques. Here are five tools to help improve your writing skills.

1. Paper Rater

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