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4 Trait And Taste Of Different Zodiacs

trait and taste of different zodiacs

4 Trait And Taste Of Different Zodiacs

• anger problems
• probably small
• anime
• secretly a teddy bear

• looks chill
• internally not chill at all
• food is good
• netflix

• talks a lot
• memes
• angry pup
• good at makeup

• is tough sometimes
• crying when they arent being tough
• give them cookies
• bean

• relatable
• outgoing even though they are Introverted
• grammar? never heard of her
• love them oven if you hate them

• Sarcasm level 48392716
• is better than you
• fandoms
• talented as heck

• do it for the aesthetic
• in too many group chats
• succulents
• doesn’t like to but can tell you off

• art hoe
• only wears black clothes
• pretends to be moody and mysterious but nope
• total sweetheart

• ???
• !!!
• ?!?!?!
• just trying to help

• looks like they have their life Figured out
• doesn’t have their life figured out
• really bad love life
• better at sarcasm than VIRGO

• Independent person who don’t need an s/o
• secretly wants a s/o
• bread
• must be protected at all costs

• is done with being called a fish (shush you will always be the fish)
• looks like an adorable cinnamon roll but can cut you
• emo as heck
• into like spiritual stuff?? Idk ??

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