3 words better than “I Love You”?

3 words better than "I Love You"?

3 words better than “I Love You”?

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  1. You’re my world. You mean everything. I admire you. I forgive you. I trust you. You inspire me. You always matter. Love you unconditionally. Made you (food or item name), you are family, proud of you

  2. I love you is common. Whats rare and beautiful is I am sorry, that is hard to hear now a days. People murder each other over comb, “i am sorry” would save lives

  3. I love myself because I feel you cannot be true to anyone until you learn to love yourself. Starting all over again at the ripe age of 47 and from experience, I love life now and live to the fullest.

  4. I love myself; Thank-you….. ; doing what you say; i am alive; well done;
    I (appreciate, respect, honesty, i can say no, thoughtful….) others; Are you ok;
    I l9ve you is for a few people in my life

  5. “God is great.”
    “Always be yourself.”
    “You are smart.”
    “I miss you.”
    “Always stay positive.”
    “Don’t give up” (Hypothetically it’s 4, but let it be)
    “I am Muslim” I am proud of that ☺
    “I am grateful”
    “I am happy”
    “I am strong” (Those are as motivation not as a destructive ego)

  6. When I say to my best friends, and my son. I have trust them with my heart. Love means so many different levels. Love is a beautiful to have. The most important person is yourself first before you can love others.

  7. I’ll never leave. I need *you*. You complete me. You are mine. I am yours. I forgive you. Please, forgive me. You fixed me. We are happy. Have you eaten? I brought pizza. 😉

  8. Thank you GOD…

    We always love,thank,hate etc. everyone but sometimes we forgot to thank GOD everytime we wake up,we eat,we won,we got a new job,cars etc. & even in our failures and frustrations…
    That we should be doing before our day starts and ends…or should i say thank our GOD everytime …

  9. Got you a book… or… have some chocolate… i admire you…. you’re in my heart…. you, me, 4ever… Finally, ♡♡♡♡ I’m the Doctor ♡♡♡♡! Yep, those all seem appropriate:)

  10. Are you okay? How can I help? Buckle your seat belt? you need anything? Good luck today? I trust you? Etc.. Effort is everything.

    * I used four words but you catch my drift

  11. You Are Loved.
    You’ve Been Adopted.
    We Love You.
    We’re Better Together.
    Trust In Love.
    You’re My Everything.
    I Need You.
    I Want You.
    I Miss You.
    Please Don’t Go.
    Stay With Me.
    You’re The Best.

  12. I trust you

    Intelligence is the intellect in harmony with your heart.

    The heart knows how to trust.

    The intellect knows how to seek and inquire.

    In the hands of the heart, the intellect becomes intelligent. It is a transformation, an absolute transformation of energy. Now the person does not become intellectual, he simply becomes wise.

    Wisdom is born of the encounter of the heart and the intellect. And when you have learned the art of synchronizing the beats of your heart with the workings of your intellect, you will have the secret in your hands, the master key that opens all the mysteries.

    1. you speak of the heart…..you know what the Bible says about the heart? Jeremiah 19 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    1. I think because sorry comes after something negative. “To me the best words” aren’t a result of something bad or sad. If they had said “the most important” I’d be right there with you 🙂

    2. I am sorry could be said to a stranger whose dog has just pooped before being picked up and someone steps in it! It has nothing to do with love or expressing love in three words as requested.