Write a happy story in 3 words

Write a happy story in 3 words

Write a happy story in 3 words

800 thoughts on “Write a happy story in 3 words”

  1. He loves me
    I love you
    I am alive
    We are family
    Family is everything
    Kids are growing
    They are alive
    Bombs missed school
    An unexpected story
    Bills are paid
    Won a lottery
    Out of coma
    Released from Jail
    House is clean
    Business picked up
    I am back

  2. Good grief…is there any place that is free of political b.s.? The election was held, citizens voted, we have a new POTUS. Get over yourselves and stop Trump bashing.

    1. Elaine… your comment is dangerous. You speak outward w your opinion. How much do you actually invest to understand we have never been at a greater place than now?? When your 401k is kickin ass…. do us a favor and refuse the $$

    2. It’s called the freedom of speech that’s a three-word Story too. But don’t worry you seem to be content with losing that and I have no doubt that you will

    3. What about this post says its not about politics? ….oh yeah the happiness part 🙂 either way its facebook…. assholes bring up the term ‘snowflake’ in every comment section, so dont be offended when people bash Trump as well. 2 weeks in. 3.87 years left. Im not a mathematician though so dont troll my calculations please 🙂

    4. “Get over yourselves.” Yeah nah the sexual harassment and attack I will never get over. And fuck a POTUS who is ok with what he is and does. #NOTMYPRESIDENT

      I am a woman, half Mexican, been sexually attacked, and the ptsd triggers this man gives so many and the way he dismisses the CURRENT and painful actions to undeserving citizens Will never be “GOTTEN OVER.”

      Check your privilege pilgrim.