Wise Pick For 9 June

Emily Venturino 

The greatest
masterpiece you will
ever work on is you.

Richa Lal 

You are your
own creator,
moulding your
life’s sculpture.

Mai Quesada 

Carving out
my imperfections
to make them
perfect in my
own standards.

Shweta Yadav 

Only you can
carve the
‘Best Version of Yourself’.

Jackie De Klerk 

With hard work
you can become
whom you always
longed to be.

Debra Pry 

You are the
creator of the
best version
of yourself.

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

The possibility of
moulding myself
into a masterpiece
is in my own hands.

Shilpika Bagh

Change is ‘within’;
shape yourself ‘in’.

Arlyn Valencia Gavilangoso 

Our inner beauty is
unleash by our own
hardwork and determination,
strive harder.

Shirley Finley 

It takes hard work
and commitment
to be your best self.
You are worth it.

Salvatore Chirico 

Getting rid of the things
that are weighing us down
there is a masterpiece
inside all of us and
sometimes it takes time
to find it but we should
chisel away at it until
we do find it.

Ekram Alam 

Our growth always
demands pain as it’s price,
for we are not only the sculptor,
but marble all the same.

Cynthia Polen 

I am the sculpture
of my own destiny.
I create therefore I am.

Sharon Steward 

Inside every body is a
healthy happy soul
waiting to be revealed.

Sharon Jones 

Shed the
excess baggage
to reveal your
inner strength.

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman 

Chisel away
the things that
weigh us down externally,
So that we can
live our lives more
burden free internally.

Carol DiBacco 

Happiness is an
inside job.

Uche Ifeanyi Uchendu 

You alone can
sculpt yourself
into the person
you want to be.

Harpreet Kaur 

You are still a
even when you are
work in progress.

Ankita Ojha 

Nothing will work
for you, until you
work on yourself.


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