Wise Pick For 9 August

Ms. khim

Words could kill.

Debra Pry

Be careful of the words
you speak.
words are deadly weapon.

Sulekha Pande

Words can be lethal,
please be subtle.

Sherry Greene

Before you open those lips,
be sure
that your words are not loaded .
They, too, can be deadly weapons.

Shweta Yadav

Words once triggered
cannot be undone;
they are as deadly as weapons.
Be mindful while delivering.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

Words used as weapons
can never be taken back.

Traci Locklear

It’s okay
to voice your opinion,
but do it
with the safety on.

Maureen Figueroa

The pen;
mightier than the sword.
The tongue;
deadlier than any gun.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

The eye can’t see
the trigger happy lips
of the harmful words
it shoots.

Marie Miller-Ethridge

Your words
are a reflection of yourself,
Use them wisely
before you harm
yourself and others.

Ashish Verma

Words play a crucial role
in building or destroying connections.
Choose them wisely.


Don’t shoot
your words vehemently
with abusive ammunition.

Shilpika Bagh

A war with words ;
triggers hate and hurt.

Joanne Margaret Peckham

are like weapons
and they wound sometimes.

Deda Moe

Like a bullet,
words are weapons
you can’t take back.


Beware of your words.
They may kill people’s souls.

Sania Ansari

Words- weapons
wearing the skin of human.


can be weapons
if we don’t
choose them carefully.


War of words
can be as hurtful as

Consciously Open

Be careful
what you’re projecting.
Some words
cut deeper than bullets.

@ A i D a

Better be silent,
before you spit.
Words that fire as a gun.


Words, as if loaded pistols,
can mean life or death
to a relationship of any level.


Our words is
as deadly as the bullets
from a gun.
Once spoken
they cannot be taken back.
Use your words wisely.


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