Wise Pick for 8 October

wise pick 11 oct1Maureen Figueroa
Often what we fear
lies right between our ears;
what we truly dread
is all in our head.

wise pick 11 oct2Shilpika Bagh
Insecurities are
“loud and clear”;
cast a shadow
of “doubt and fear”.

wise pick 11 oct3Dianne Selenite
Fear is just a thought.
Get closer
and confront your fear.
Only then
you will know
that “You are more than fear”.

wise pick 11 oct4Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Sometimes the big
bad monster
we often fear most,
is housed within
our minds,
projected front
and foremost.

wise pick 11 oct5Mai Quesada
We create
our imagined monsters
borne out
from our own insecurities
and non-factual fears.
Have control
and fight them off
for our own advantage.

wise pick 11 oct6Brenda Lorena Leal
We all have monsters
under the bed,
in our hearts
and mainly in our doubts.
The trick my friend
is not to let them win.

wise pick 11 oct7Carol Wagoner
As a child
we imagine
make believe monsters.
As an adult
we find out
they can be real.

wise pick 11 oct8Frances McCabe
We need to realize
the things
we fear the most
don’t really exist.
But only in our mind

wise pick 11 oct9Jim Joseph Sarona
Fear is just
a shadow
of your imagination.
Don’t let it take you,
let it fear you.

wise pick 11 oct10Sulekha Pande
My psyche’
reflects in my fears,
the shadows
scare me to tears.

wise pick 11 oct11Jay_Kay
Monsters are no longer
under the bed.
They are created
inside your head.

wise pick 11 oct12Dibyendu Adhikari 
Turn your face away
from the light
of positivity
and you will always
encounter the demon
of negativity.

wise pick 11 oct13Monica Mackness
Inner Demons:
You can only
shadow me
not control me.

wise pick 11 oct14Alanna
Our fears only have
as much power
as we give them.


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