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Wise Pick For 8 August

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Mary Kirkpatrick

When you descend into debt,
the initial fear, makes you sweat.
Realization is too late for regret.
The hangman’s noose fulfills it’s threat.

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Sulekha Pande

Resources diminish fast,
dear man, they don’t last,
use them wisely and don’t waste,
else you’ll find yourself hanging
by your neck and die in haste.

Barbara Bauer

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Spending more money
than you have
will lead you to a
bad end result.

James Webb

Life and comfort
are all about
how much money you have
to stand on.

Rinku Shah

A stack of money,
doesn’t last long honey.
Set yourself free,
work hard and be happy.

Shilpika Bagh

Be wise
how you ‘spend’;
money and time
till the ‘end’.

Anjana Surendran

that helps you move
can often weigh you down.


Don’t let money
be the cause of your death.
Life is worth more
than money.


When money’s value
increases at the cost
of a life.


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