Wise Pick For 7 June

Lora A Roach 

Be mindful
of who you let
whisper in you ear.

James Giblin 

The devil may be
in your ear
but the Lord speaks
to your heart.

Darryl Tombleson 

Everyone experiences
the whisper of mistrust,
from those with
ulterior motives.
Don’t let that be your
constant companion,
take control of your
thoughts and actions.

Rinku Shah 

Don’t lend an ear,
to anyone posing
to be dear.

Cynthia Shifflet 

Be careful
with the friend
with a listening ear
that snake can’t wait
to poison your words
to others.

Priya Miles 

Give every
snake thy ear
but very few
thy voice.

Richa Lal 

Those gossips, small
talks and negativity
which we hear,
turns out toxic to
our minds and ears.

Lorraine Chavez 

Always listen
to your inner voice
over the hiss of a snake.

Marie Forster 

May the ear be an
instrument to the mind
of all that is truthful,
just and kind.

Nancy Shurkoff 

Be careful of the
songs that slither into
your ears for hisses
of lies are always near.

Debra Pry 

Some words
are like venom.
They poison
your soul.

Leonard D. Saladino 

Listen to your heart.
Not the snake
whispering in your ear.

Carol Dawson 

Be leery
of the snake
that whispers
in your ear.

Anshu Gupta 

Don’t let anyone
poison your ears
with small talk.

Khaleel Ahamed 

The serpent has no ear
but venom.
The man has no venom
but tongue.

Jaimie Mazzone 

Don’t allow
your ego to whisper lies,
listen to your heart
where your soul resides.


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