Wise Pick For 7 August

April Yeager

Beauty didn’t realize
her man was part beast.
An embrace was the start,
her soul was the feast.

Monica Mishra

Be careful
while building relationship
with people.
Some are beasts
with innocent faces.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

A fierce beast
embrace in the form of
human race.

Sulekha Pande

Beware of your heart,
be careful of your soul,
who you give your hugs and love,
destroying you, might be his goal.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

Her love was deeper
than just skin,
she loved both the man,
and the beast within.

Bob Dee

Finding peace
in each other’s arms
and calming the
beasts within.

Nancy Shurkoff

Ignited by his passion
and calmed by her presence.
Love fuels his heart
while lust devours her soul.
A match made in heaven,
a tale told in time.
An endless romance,
when beast and beauty collide.

Sherry Greene

I love the creature you are.
Wild and free.
Reminds of the animal
I used to be.
Perhaps together we can let go.
You and me.

Monica McCay

Love is sure to soothe
the beast within.

Robin Bitz

Their love was like
a untamed beast,
wild yet free
within the safety of
each other’s embrace.

Cindy Rankin

Wolf in
sheep’s clothing
– beware.

Ashish Verma

A loving soul’s embrace
can calm and tame
the beasts within.

Tina Bell

you don’t see me
for who I am,
you continue to see
my cunningness as comfort.

Maureen Figueroa

Beauty and the beast,
on your heart he’ll feast.
An embrace on another level,
unaware that he’s the devil.

Crista Winterkorn

My love will calm
the beast in you,
the beast in you,
will ripple the calm in me.

Nicky Djalilova

Her love for him
has accepted
the beast in him.

Wada McCown Meade

Because of her past,
she felt loved in the arms
of a demon that would
destroy her future.


He’s her beast,
she’s his peace.

Gretchen Sandstrom

Hiding my dark side
from you.

Hiba Nassar

She saw
what’s inside the wolf
left the fear behind
had trust in him
calmed him with a hug.


You know
you’ve truly grown
when you find comfort
in your fears.

Kristen Michele

She loves him whole,
the boy and the beast.
And he calls her softness home.


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