Wise Pick For 6 November

wise pick 9nov

Sulekha Pande
Don’t let your children ruin your best,
you’ll have only each other
after they’ve flown the nest.

Parents often get distanced
in the wake of upbringing children.

Ashish Verma
When outcomes
of your love depart,
the spark shouldn’t end
from your heart.

Wicked Bad Girl
Make sure
that as your children grow,
you don’t grow apart;
the couple you were at the start
is the couple you should always be.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
When the ties that bind
are beyond your reach,
it’s time to reconnect.

Sayeeda Pearl
Family grows and shrinks,
that doesn’t mean you need to
keep distance from each other.

Mary Kirkpatrick
When children grow,
they come and go.
We sit here forlornly far apart,
with fond memories in our hearts.

Sherilyn Campbell
As you start to grow your family
there is a tendency to lose each other.
Don’t allow
the space between you
grow far apart.

Faith Dunsmuir
When your children are all
you have in common
you will surely grow apart
as they move on.

Sulekha Pande
Don’t grow apart
as the kids come along,
you’ll be disconnected
after they leave the nest.

Shilpika Bagh
Don’t ‘grow out’ of love
for each other;
in ‘growing up’
your loved ones.

Carlie Henderson
Don’t get to the empty nest years
with nothing left for each other.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
When children no longer bridge the gap,
it’s time to reconnect.

Taib Sbai
As the children grow
the space between parents grows.

The journey of parenthood.

Brooke Smith
We lost ourselves
in the creations we made.

Jeffrey Cane
Growing apart.

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