Wise Pick For 6 August

Sharna Hogan

Slay venomous words.

Praveen Kulkarni

Fight the
verbal serpents
with the
strongest silence.

Sherry Greene

There’s a field of snakes
bearing venomous words.
I shall slay the beasts
for I am a true warrior
and I shall render them mute.
And there will be peace.

Sulekha Pande

Slay all the demons,
that spout venom,
uttering ugly words at you,
have courage, be brave,
be a warrior,
don your armor,
draw your sword,
none of them
can then touch you.

Kristi Littau

Seek out and slay the dragons
as they slither into your life,
or with time
they will multiply and devour you.

Ashish Verma

Wield the sword
and slice all the negativities away.
Your power lies within.

Jackie De Klerk

All the words spoken,
all the gossip will soften,
I will slay with my sword,
for I’m a warrior.
No statement is superior.

Siony Benemerito McCor

Rise above from those
who tried to harm you
with their venomous words.
Stand firm and conquer,
have courage,
be the sword of truth and
you shall prevail.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

We need to be a warrior
against the venomous snakes
in the form of
negativity of words
we receive.


Never let
venomous words poison you.
Don’t look for a knight in shining armor.
Save yourself from this tremor.
Take the sword, darling.
You are your own savior.
Become the warrior.

Shilpika Bagh

We have to fight
those ‘demons’ in life;
and not let their ‘venom’
make us feel otherwise.

Pauline Ebijimi

In life
so many negative words
will be said to you.
It’s you stand up against it
or allow it to eats you up.

Brett Cameron

Words can be
a several headed snake.
Be armed.

N Hikmah A Hanim

Fight for your right,
don’t let the
‘venom words’ kill you.
You are your own fighter.


Your greatest battle
is to slay the words
that threaten your spirit.


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