Wise Pick For 5 August

Shilpika Bagh

Be mindful
of what you ‘imprint’;
for they are our

Shweta Yadav

Glimpse of
father’s imprint
in child’s footsteps.

Monica Mishra

The ‘footprints’
of a father
become a ‘blueprint’
for his child to achieve
his dreams.

Katherine Hart

Holding my hand,
walking in time,
keeping footsteps slow,
to fit mine.

Sulekha Pande

In one step
you carry your past
and your child’s future.

Jhoeanne Bautista

You’ll never
know the sacrifices
of a father
until you see it.

Rosalie Johnson

I’ll give him
the sole of my shoe,
he’s my son and
we will walk
miles together.

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Our big footprints
lead small footprints.

Sandy Kasdan Rozelman

Your footsteps
are his footsteps too.

Margaret Nelson

Our children walk
in our shoes.

Ankita Gupta

with the father
in his shoes.

P Casey Hennessy

Following his
father’s footsteps.


what steps you take,
they will follow.

Sania Ansari

you make me
from your pieces.

Geetika Panwar

A part of me
always within you.


One day I hope
you will be proud
to walk in my shoes,
love Dad.

Jessica Ann

A part of my soul
will always walk with you.

Subhawana Sharma

Legacy: footprints of past,
growing up in present,
heading towards future.


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