Wise Pick For 31 July


Disability is
determined by mind
and not by body.

Ben Gonzalo III

Disability is not an excuse,
your positive outlook
propels you to great things
beyond your perceived capacity.

Shirley Finley

Disabilities can define you
or it can challenge you.
Your choice.

Charlie G. M. Grevell

Every struggle has a solution,
it’s up to you to find a way
not an excuse.

Maria Celeste Lapid Roxas

Disability is not a hindrance.
Positivity, determination and eagerness
makes us
whole and responsible individual.

Monica Mishra

Your physical ‘disabilities’
can’t restrict you,
if you are determined
to face the ‘challenges’ of life.

Gennie Gahuman Serna

Disability is not a
hindrance to capability.

Khem Chaudhari

People are
disable with their
thoughts and their mindset.
Stand by your self respect,
physical disabilities doesn’t matter.

AJ Sumulong

is not an excuse
to fill your duty.

Rinku Shah

Begging for alms,
when people work
even without arms.

Shilpika Bagh

We are a handicap;
of our mindset.

Ashish Verma

A positive mindset
defeats all disabilities.

Siony Benemerito McCor

Life could be worse
or life could be better,
we are all in the same boat
to survive and inspire one another.

Krysti Merritt

Not all disabilities
are visible.


Despite disabilities,
nothing can stop you.
Only you can stop you.
It’s all in the mind.

Jagan mohan

An abled person is disable
if he doesn’t show his ability,
a disabled person is abled
if he doesn’t bother his disability.

Subhawana Sharma

Disability is not physical
but mental.


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