Wise Pick For 30 October

wise pick 2 nov

Di Colacino
Love even the
shadow parts of yourself.

Sulekha Pande
Love yourself at all cost,
even if the world hurts you,
it’s not your fault.

Ashish Verma
Love your darkest moment
as it will make you self dependent.

Kimberly Ahart
Even the
darker side of ourselves
needs love too.

Rodienne Xerri
Love yourself for who you are,
even on your
darkest and weakest days.

Sharon Stahlhut
Learn to love the
shadow parts of ourselves,
no one is perfect.

Cynthia Millentree
In the deep dark shadows of life,
I still have a heart of love.

Olivia Elias
Always let the light
from your heart shine
through any darkness.

Shilpika Bagh
Love yourself
even in the darkest days;
for nothing
lasts ‘forever’ anyways.

Divya Tuli Garg
Love is all we need
and desire to come out
of our darkest shadows.

Sandy Rozelman
Your heart is a reflection of you.
Don’t let it be a shadow
of who you really are.

Mo Nette
Do everything with love
even in the darkest part of you.

Donna Pleasant
Learning to love myself.

Sherilyn Campbell
Love your shadow;
love yourself.

Pia Alyana
Love yourself
even in your darkest hours.

Linda Westcott
My heart is in the
shadow of myself.

Wicked Bad Girl
Love yourself
out of the darkness.

Even in dark times
my heart still beats.

Carmen Juliette
Even covered in darkness,
she still found her heart.

Naomi Karsudjono
Never forget to love yourself,
especially in dark moments.

Love yourself
in the
darkness of your shadows.

Julie Ryderis Carnelly
Your heart still beats
through the darkness.

Ania Kozlowska
Reminding your dark self
to love again.

Brooke Smith
We must first choose
to love our demons.

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