Wise Pick For 30 May

Brandy LaPrade 

Pull yourself from
your own darkness.

Gail Gilreath Weaver 

Love and accept
all versions of yourself.
You are always enough.

Kristina Evans-Tan Ching Ping 

Maybe it’s time
to stop fighting
the darkness
in our shadows.
Let’s embrace it,
love it for what it is,
part of us, and
maybe then we can
learn to live with it.

Chelsea Leigh-Ann Howarth 

In the end, the only one
who can truly lift you
out of darkness, is yourself.
Be the creator of your
own happiness and positivity.
For others to love you,
you must love yourself.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Bringing your
darkness into the light,
is the best way
to make your life bright.

Nikki Quintal 

Come on, my soul.
Pick yourself up.
We always get
through the tough times.

Karen Gadosik 

Let your
inner strength
lift you up.

Ana Leo 

In the end,
you are alone,
so try to be good
companionship to
yourself and always
be kind to you,
forgive yourself,
help yourself,
love yourself.

Barbara Bauer

On my darkest day
I will pick myself up.
I will survive.

Jennifer Lynn 

Picking myself up
from the darkest
parts of my life.


In the darkest of times,
be strong enough
to pick yourself up
and save yourself.
That is all I ask.

Robin Hoke 

Sometimes life
knocks you down
so hard it hurts your soul.
Love yourself enough
to pick yourself up and
keep moving.

Shilpika Bagh 

Sometimes we have to
‘gather’ ourselves;
from the ‘darkness’
we dwell.

Jackie McBilello 

I embrace all of me,
I labor within my shadows
bringing darkness into light.
The part of me lying silent,
the part I often fight.
It’s still me.

Nanc McClure 

Every now and then
we just have to pick
ourselves up and
keep going.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
And start all over again.


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