Wise Pick For 30 July

Susan Vasilakos

When your heart
takes over your head.

Wanda Thomson

Follow your heart
by all means,
but don’t forget
to take your brain.

Wendy Smith

Follow your heart
but use your brain.

Barbara Sheppard

Thinking with your heart
instead of your brain
may cause heartbreak.

Neelam Ranjan

Your brain thinks
and heart feels
don’t let it
take brain’s position.

Susan Fair Arakelian

Never exchange
your brain for your heart,
but make sure
both have a voice
in all that matters.

Eduardo G. Lim

May your heart
never stop dreaming
just as
the mind continues to
seek it’s peace.

Carol Downey Dawson

If your brain is
bleeding on your feet,
you can bet your heart
has skipped a beat.

Enaohj Anaisur

Don’t let your heart
over your brain
cause your brain thinks
that your heart follows.


I prefer
an intellectual heart
an emotional mind.

Sulekha Pande

Give rest to your brain.
Let the heart think
for a change.

Faith Dunsmuir

When your heart rules
your head, your thoughts
don’t matter.

Ambika Arora Tiwari

When logic fails,
heart prevails.


Brain vs heart.
The fight
is never ending.


Do not give
your heart permission
to think for you;
use your brain instead.


Following your heart
by letting it
do all the thinking.
Heart over mind any day.


Head over heart.

Priyanka Baskaran

Heart is the real ruler,
while the brain serves it.


A broken heart
starts thinking
like brain.


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