Wise Pick For 3 March

Wise Pick 6 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 3 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 6 March 1
Anmol Jasani Vora

Disintegrating into the Digital World

Wise Pick 6 March 2
Cynthia Millentree

The pixels of the brain can easily be fragmented!

Wise Pick 6 March 3
Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The brain cells can be damaged by
overthinking so float in the tiny specks
of happiness.Attain peace!

Wise Pick 6 March 4
Shubha Bhandarkar

Re-arrange the fragments of your thoughts
and Retrain your brain to see good in everything!

Wise Pick 6 March 5
Sherry Greene

After while, memories become pictures,
And some pictures start to fade away.

Wise Pick 6 March 6
Pooja Abhay Nirmal

Small bits and pieces of memories stud
the hallway of memories with diamonds within.

Wise Pick 6 March 7
Mary Kirkpatrick

Our rising thoughts evaporate, then the process stops,
only to condense and eventually fall like raindrops.

Wise Pick 6 March 8
Shilpika Bagh

When memories of the hurtful past “chip off”;
make room for the hopeful present ones to “chip on”.

Wise Pick 6 March 9
Anjana Surendran

Shot in bits and pieces thoughts fell asleep dreadfully.

Wise Pick 6 March 10
Pauline Ebijimi

if we don’t make use of our thoughts properly,
it tends to fade away with time.

Wise Pick 6 March 11
Quennie Dame Jordan Falsario
Censored thoughts blew my mind.

Wise Pick 6 March 12
Anand Singh Josh

More you unleash the mind ,
the more it becomes wider.

Wise Pick 6 March 13
Sulekha Pande

Human brain is the most complex,
Physical object with an instant reflex.

Wise Pick 6 March 14
Rebecca Mistich Covell

Submerse your brain with positive thoughts
and you will afloat above all.

Wise Pick 6 March 15
Kamlesh Bhasin

The fast high performances of silicone chipsets !
now filling up human brain storage !

Wise Pick 6 March 16
Judy Razink

Our brains deteriorate as we age.

Wise Pick 6 March 17
Kufre Stephens

When I think too much, my brain reacts in shreds .

Wise Pick 6 March 18
Mettle & Makeover

Transitioning from humans to the digital bits of memory

Wise Pick 6 March 19


Wise Pick 6 March 20

Digital distortion in brain.


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