Wise Pick For 3 August

Ashish Verma

My heart is
draining sorrows slowly
and soon it will engulf
the life out of me.


Black heart
has blacken half part
of my body.

Sulekha Pande

Giving away,
too much of myself,
left me with nothing
but a puddle of
my melted heart.

Tina Bell

everything around
you can blacken your heart
and damage your soul.

Fiera Mae Castillon

A jet black heart overflows
and darken your soul
when there’s no more
happiness left
to keep it alive.

Maria Ferns

Don’t corrupt your heart with darkness,
give priority to kindness.
Negativity stays,
depending on your ways.
your attitude to smile,
takes away all your negative piles.

Jackie De Klerk

When the sorrow
within the heart spills
like black ink,
the whole page
will become
a smeared blob.

Ambika Arora Tiwari

A weeping heart
is enough to drench
the soul full of sorrows,
life is meaningful
when heart is full of joy.
Rejoice. Revive. Repeat.

Shilpika Bagh

Love yourself
even in the ‘darkest’ days ;
for nothing
‘last’ forever anyways.

Barbara Bauer

My heart is empty,
drained of all
it should be.
How do I go on?

Susan Fair Arakelian

Sometimes the
dark feeling of loneliness
makes you feel
you are fading away and
you become only
a shadow of yourself.

Cynthia Nancy Pereira

Broken heart
leads you to darkness.

Ian Tan

Bleed away your darkness.
Let light consume
your body and soul.


The darkness of the heart
is only a mere shadow
of the radiance of the heart.

N Hikmah A Hanim

Let the darkness
in your heart fade away
just to be the new
and a better you.

Maria Tricia Ortega

Darkness overwhelms
a broken heart.

The Metropolitan Sage

Let go of the struggle,
trying to solve the puzzle,
your heart is a masterpiece,
will overcome the darkness with ease,
if you can just let it be,
you will soon be free.

Priyanka Baskaran

A wounded heart
bleeds unseen.


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