Wise Pick For 29 October

wise pick 1 nov

Palak Thareja
in a self-made trap.

Tricia Lynn
by technology.

Sulekha Pande
Virtual connections,
modern day prisons.

Ashish Verma
People have caged themselves
under the
false spree of technology.

Rinku Shah
The bird is free
and so can you be.
Choose to run and play,
instead of being a digital prey.

Linda Mansolf
We make a choice
to be captured by technology,
Totally oblivious
to our natural surroundings.

Debby Davison
Locked up
in the electronic age cage.
Unable to listen or see
the beauty of nature.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Confined in the
cage of technology
whilst the bird freely
views from afar.

Reena Maria
The birds have got
more freedom than humans
who have caged themselves up
cause of technology.

Sharon Stahlhut
Technology has created prisons
with open doors and addicted minds.

Manasvi Tambe
While we’re caged,
into a web of technology,
The birds are wondering,
is there a change in ecology?

Amanda Matthaei
is closing us off
from the beauty of life.

Bambi Na
Imprisoned by the invisible
cage of technology.
Made us blind and deaf to reality.

Lisa Hammock
Don’t be caged by technology.
Put your phones down and live life.

Grace A. Comia
Hooked into the
world of technology,
you have caged yourself
into self-isolation.

Gerardo A. Azuela
We’re just prisoners
of our own device.

Anjana Surendran
From the season of caged bird
to the season of caged man.
The era of technology took its reign.

ANJali ShAshI Sumesh
Caged mind.

We’re caging ourselves
in the digital era.

Sarah Hamid
of our own device.

Carrie Klein
Our eyes see the world
while trapt in our own device.

Manmeet Kaur
Humanity being caged
in this digital age.

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