Wise Pick For 29 May

Medicus Ursa 

Having your thoughts
wrapped around
someone’s fingers
leaves you feeling tangled.

Cfa Deepti Bindal

Let me untangle
your thoughts.
So you connect
to your true potential.

Laura Lange

Sometimes we all need
someone to help us
untangle our thoughts.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Going through the
tangled thoughts in the
hope of finding it easier
to understand eventually

Rinku Shah

Cherish those who take
time to help you
de- clutter your mind.

Chinhita Bose

Let me untangle the threads
of your thoughts and
relief you from distraught.


Those who help in
unraveling our messy knots
of tangled thoughts
are a blessing.

Sripriya Satish

The beautiful connection
between two souls wherein
the comforting and concerning
mutual gaze makes one unwind
the messed up thoughts and
gain peace of mind.

Ashish Verma

Let me unravel your
chaotic thoughts to
regain mental peace.

Srividya Bharatrajan

Trying to demystify an
impenetrable mind with love and
compassion thereby paving
the way for a smoother togetherness.

Roohi Mohiuddin

The tangled web of thoughts
in his mind was so complex
but once he shared it with her
she cared and untangled
these threads delicately and
gave them a sequence.

Ashish Verma

I will undo the mess
from your mind
and make you calm.

Jackie De Klerk

Meet ‘the’ one and she will
unscramble your thoughts and
make you think straight again.


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