Wise Pick For 26 July

Rivi Verma
You don’t need
to be a doormat
to be a good person.

Sulekha Pande

Don’t become
a doormat
to please others.

Julie LeBlanc-Cormier

Everybody does
as they please and walk
all over me.
I am too nice
of a person and people
take advantage.

Darryl Tombleson

We often find our
hospitality and generosity

Sakina Kudrati

When you are available
to each and everyone
you only become a
door mat to them.

Amrita Mishra

Learn to stop
being too nice
once you are being
used by people,
even though
you have welcomed them
with big heart.

Sam Titi Pudumo

Know your worth and
never become
a welcome mat
collecting people’s dirt.

Rinku Shah

Be a doormat and
get trampled upon,
or realize your worth and
let people move on.

Payal Beriwal

Do respect
but not at the cost
of your self respect,
you will be treated
as welcome doormat.

Shweta Yadav

Being too polite,
people takes you light;
better be a ‘diplomat’
than a ‘doormat’.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

You can welcome them
into your home but
don’t be their doormat.

Janice Sargent

If you don’t set
healthy boundaries
people will treat you
like a door mat.

Donna McCarthy

If you act
like a door mat
then people will
walk all over you.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Being a doormat
to someone with
full dissatisfaction
is a bad idea.

Ankita Gupta

So much down to earth that
people used me as a rug.

Happy Honey

If you open doors
for everyone
you will be used
as a door mat.

Imelda R. Garcia

Welcome people
into your life but
stand up for yourself and
don’t allow anyone
to walk all over you
as a doormat.

Mary Kirkpatrick

People come and go
over my welcome mat.
Some make me happy,
some leave me flat.

Nina Carr

Don’t become
a door mat to hold on
to someone’s affection.

Sujit Das

Doormat is a doormat,
don’t treat people as a doormat.

r. b.

You took
my kindness for granted
when I welcomed you in,
walking over me
like a doormat.

Jessica Ann

Walk on me
as if I am
as dead as a door mat.

Keerthi M Anand

Will be as dumb
to be a doormat for you.

The Unspoken Diaries

Feeling like a doormat,
everyone crushes
my feelings and move on.


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