Wise Pick For 28 October

wise pick 31oct

Maria Ferns
from sword to a selfie stick,
modern fight about
pictures clicked.

Sulekha Pande
Digital duels,
anxiety fuels.

Rinku Shah
A selfie obsession
needs no introduction.
The constant need for attention,
and fake appreciation.

Ashish Verma
Dueling for the best selfie
is surely a trending activity.
Take this in a healthy way,
don’t put your relations in sway.

Cecille S Trinidad
has plunged us once again
into a battle fight
more deadly than
bloody duels of the past.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Dueling selfies
to prove our expertise.

Meryam Elmrini
Taking selfies,
the new competition.

Linda Mansolf
for the best selfie.

Ashish Verma
Battle of the selfies
will attract personal jealousies.

Karmao Dee
An era of selfie battle.

Akanksha Agrawal
Busy in selfie war
declining the real world.

Grace A. Comia
Armed with smartphones
at the end of selfie sticks,
give it your best shot.
En guard netizens!
Upload, for trending,
everything you’ve got.

Monica Mohandas
Selfie war.

Luke Pierce
On guard.
Duel of the selfies.

Tina Westernoff
Battle of the selfish

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