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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 28 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Tina Shah
Social media connections
killed my chance at real connections.

Siony Benemerito McCor

The inseparable bond
between human and machine.
The world is not as lonely as it seems.

Shilpika Bagh

Finding “solace”;
in a “virtual embrace”.

Sulekha Pande

The best companion of my solitude,
My mobile phone and I,
Together, we brood…

Rinku Shah

Never alone…
When I’m with my phone.
Cheers to us,
We make no fuss!

Nicos Nicola

How I wish you were here!

Jo Mac Del Cas

HAPPY 2020

Debra Pry

Social media is all the rage,
But make sure you don’t get played …
Are you’ll end up all alone,
Just you and your phone.

Sherry Greene

Affection has shifted away
from each other
And on to more material things.

Ankit Pandey

Digital loneliness

Clara Grossi

Sea I wonder,
are we this connected or disconnected?

Mary Jofel Castrillo-Legario

Never alone.


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