Wise Pick For 27 June

Penny Kern 

We fall in love
with the idea
of a person,
instead of the
reality standing
right beside us.

Debra Pry 

Standing in the
shadow of love.

Cfa Deepti Bindal 

Physically apart,
together in thoughts.

Rinku Shah 

When I look away.
Thoughts of you
stand in my way.

Rinku Shah 

You may look
the other way.
But can you really
walk away?

Rinku Shah 

Each time we fought,
a lesson we were taught.
Neither of us was really leaving,
True love is in believing.

Glenda Naungayan 

Too in love with the
shadows of yesterday,
that we forget to face
the reality of today.

Maria Ferns 

In pride your turn away,
Not a word you say.
Kissing the shadow will not help,
Face each other to break the spell.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Laughing and loving
change your stance.
Turn around, face each other,
find romance.

Cassie Lee 

Always make time
for one another
before all that’s left
are faded memories
of what use to be.

CA Neha Agarwal 

All I need is love
from you but our ego
clashes can only win
for each other’s back.

Rudy Scala 

True love is hard to
find if one just looks
straight ahead.

Nancy Shurkoff 

The memory of you,
forever haunting me.
What once was us,
will never again be.

Wampamba Sarah Priestabell 

I try to avoid you
but still all I see is
you everywhere.

Barbara Bauer

Turn around and face me
before it is too late and
you lose me forever.

Jackie De Klerk
Being with someone else
but being obsessed with you
is our game.
For you are always
the shadow I stare at.



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