Wise Pick For 24 July

Anam Khan
To educate the children,
parents sacrifices their needs.

Arlene Larocque Jones

Sacrifices no matter big or small
will be your biggest reward
when the ones you love succeed.

Rinku Shah
I hope this Education
prepares you
For a life that’ll be new.
I gave all my wealth,
Not caring
even about my health!

Cathy Chase
Don’t fuel
someone else’s dreams
It will leave you empty

Rolando Toquero
A father endures hardships
for the benefit of his child.

Devina Bisht
My sacrifice today,
is our brighter future

Kenna MacDonald
Go forth my child
for a big part of me
will always be with you

Shilpika Bagh
A part of us “leave”;
as they embark
on a new “journey

Barbara Ellen
The core of the family
is carried with new learning

Ashish Verma
Don’t let your father’s sacrifices
go in vain,
Educate yourself well
and make your name

Subhawana Sharma
Selfless sacrifice
or selfless love.

Anu Francis

I’ll starve,
so you can thrive.

Kokila Sooriyagoda

A Father’s Selfless Love.

Sulekha Pande
Sacrificing their today,
to build up their future

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