Wise Pick For 26 May

Richa Lal 

Don’t entangle love
in threads and strings.
Let it free
and see the joy it brings.

Anjana Surendran 

Mending the bygone;
holding on to each other
for a better tomorrow.

Ashish Verma

Let’s entangle
in such a way
that all we have
individually becomes
ours combinedly.

Beena Baburajan 

The two of us must stop
entangling each other
with the bundles of strings
attached to us.
It is high time
to cut the mess
out of our lives.

Shweta Aarya 

We two have
different types of problems,
but we are always together
to untangle ourselves.
The string of love
will always keep us attached.

Sherry Greene 

We are far too entangled
in the strings that we create
in our relationships.
The more free we feel,
the more we can really love.

Shana Pascoe 

Unravel yourself,
love each other
without regard to your strings
to fully embrace another
as one.

Kangan Monga 

When in love,
a man and a woman
carries their own yarn of life
to close knit each other.

Shweta Yadav 

Never hold
the thread of regrets
to make
your relationship suffocate.

Janice Sargent 

True love
is the intertwining
of two worlds
that become one.

Shilpika Bagh 

Don’t entangle self
in past ‘threads’;
for life is beautiful
if you wish to ‘tread’.

Barbara Bauer 

We both come
with strings attached.
Together we can make it
if we love each other
and work it out.


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