Wise Pick For 25 October

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Madelyn Romero
we forget about
what we have.

Anjana Surendran
Be content enough
to appreciate the moment
before it slips.

Rinku Shah
When you have a focused want,
other things don’t haunt.

Mary Kirkpatrick
The future is shrouded in the fog.
Stay present in the now like the dog.

Mark Dixon
The wise one
sits on the ground.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
Humans yearn
for the material things,
dogs yearn
for the most important things.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
We dream and yearn
for ventures and possessions,
while our furred companions
are content with just us.

Patricia Cooper
Discontented with our lot,
we dream of travelling the world,
but our loyal four-legged friends
are happy to sit beside us
because we are their world.

Manasvi Tambe
While in silence,
we think about all material things,
but dogs,
they think only of you and him.

Frances McCabe
Humans always dreaming
of what they could have in life.
To a dog, humans are their life.
One of the many lessons
we can learn from our furry friends.

Debbie Walker-Lass
People have big lives
that animals they love are a part of,
but for the animal,
their person is their life.

Ashish Verma
Peace of mind is obtained by
loving and living in the moment.

Shilpika Bagh
Learn to ‘rejoice and value’
what is by your side;
than ‘yearn and seek’
what is not in life.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Some dream of daily company
whilst others dream for
material possession.

Sulekha Pande
Your priorities decide
the measures of your anxieties.

Akanksha Agrawal
Yearn to fulfill big dreams
but stay in the present.

Gina Marino-Vitiello
When you are rich in love,
you have all you need.

Manish Patel
Stressing about the future
won’t give you happiness,
living in the moment sure will.

Pelumi Samuel
Don’t think too much
on the future,
focus on the present.

Amrit Panesar
We want so much in life
that we don’t appreciate
what we already have.

Value the moments
that you are in.
All other things
can be acquired
but moments are momentary.

Learn to live today,
learn to be in the now.

True meaning of being content
is to live in the moment.

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