Wise Pick For 25 June

Sulekha Pande 

Shining bright outside,
spoiled rotten inside,
see the reflection of your soul,
being pure both ways,
should be your goal.

Mimi Onting 

Our own reflection
reveals who we truly
are on the inside.

Sulekha Pande 

Mirror for the soul,
shows what you
hide inside.

Girlie Loreto Maningat 

The reflection
that you see
is just a product
of your thinking.
Be optimistic,
everyone is
genuinely unique.

Ina Lubbe 

Beautiful in the outside,
bruised inside, sometimes
so easy to hide our pain.

Ashish Verma 

Your outer beauty
will fade
eventually with time.
It’s the quality
of your soul that gets
praised for lifetime.

Atit Rijal 

When you realize
that beautiful outfit
cannot hide
your inner pain.

Codester White 

You’re beautiful to what
others see. But to yourself,
all you see are flaws.

Florence Diane 

Every time I look
in the mirror
I am seeing
my deeper reflections
inside being rotten,
but no one seems to care
as they’ve only seeing
the beauty I am trying to use
to cover up the bruises inside me
that only the person
who truly loves me will see.

Debra Pry 

Some people
are beautiful
on the outside,
But rotten to the
core on the inside.

Valencia Strength-Reborn Ferguson 

How we see ourselves
is often not a true reflection
of who we are.

Rinku Shah 

Change your perception
to see a true reflection.

Ann Mounty 

Sadly you don’t always
see yourself
as others see you.

Dee Kniceley Schartiger

When we look
in the mirror,
we often only see
our blemishes and
not our potential.

Sherry Greene 

I love you, even in
your darkest spots.

Kimberley Reynolds 

Shadows of doubt
can often reveal
not how we look
but how we may feel.
Don’t let it consume you.
Don’t fear your reflection
You’ll always be worthy
of love and affection.


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