Wise Pick For 24 October

wise pick 27oct

Polly Smith
Draw your own key
to break free.

Rinku Shah
Hands are cuffed
but your mind is free,
and that is enough
to envision the key.

Jocelyn Luck
Use your creativity
to unlock your shackles.

Sulekha Pande
It’s all in the mind,
the handcuffs and
the master key,
staying shackled,
or releasing yourself,
is your choice

Shilpika Bagh
Freedom from ‘clutches’
of the past;
is ‘key’ for the
peaceful present.

Deanna Grant
My mind will master
the key of my imagination,
and unlock the chains to my life.

Marvin Herschfus
You can chain me up,
but not my spirit and creativity.

Billie Deborah Chin
Everyone has the ability
to produce the key
to unlock the chains
that bind them.

Meti Diamond Mollineau
You are the author
to create the key
to unlock your own chains.

Carisia Switala
Can we really unlock the chains
that bind us to the prison of life?
Perhaps the mind is the only key.

Carol Madsen
Only you hold the key
to unlock your future-
it is all within your reach.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Life is about creating keys
to unlock the bonds
that obstruct our personal power.

Sandy Rozelman
Only you have the key
to free yourself from whatever
it is you perceive to behold
you hostage.

Bea Viva
Imagination is the key
to unlock you
from your confinement to reality.

Sharon Stahlhut
You are both
the prisoner and the warden
of your own thoughts.

Praveen Kulkarni
Create your own keys
to unlock yourself.

Dannielle Roberts
You are the only master key
to your own shackles.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
The key to your personal freedom
is of your own design.

Leta DeMello
You hold the creativity
to unlock the chains
that bind you.

Divya Tuli Garg
The key to one’s freedom
lies with oneself
to end the
confinement of handcuffs
that hold you back.

Vidhi Shah
You are the prisoner
of your mind
until you rise and find
the key to freedom

You create the
keys to your own freedom
in life.

Shikha Narang
You yourself have to
design the key
to unlock your dreams.

Pelumi Samuel
You’re the key that
set yourself free.

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