Wise Pick For 23 October

wise pick 26oct

Sherry Greene
Life perhaps imprisoned thee.
Imagination sets you free.

Rinku Shah
Physical captivity
doesn’t hinder
the mind’s creativity.

Deanna Grant
Reach out to the light
and break free
from the chains
that bound your soul.

Shweta Yadav
I may be confined
but my imagination cannot be declined.
Even in captive,
my imaginations are active.

Kim Coomer Argabright
When you allow your mind
to see the birds,
you free your soul
from the binding chains.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
Even the smallest light
can bring joy to the darkness.

Jayalakshmi Sourirajan
Though my hands are manacled,
I will always let my passion grow.

Mary Kirkpatrick
A reflected shadow
in the light of a candle flame,
enhances the imagination
and changes the game.

Ashley Volley
You can cage and imprison my body,
but never my mind,
that is and forever
will be free as a bird.

Debbie Walker-Lass
Although you may be in chains,
you can be free as a bird
if your mind isn’t held hostage.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
does not come from being freed,
but feeling as if you already are.

Ashish Verma
When your imagination is strong,
darkness can’t imprison you for long

Sulekha Pande
Keep your spirit free,
even if life shackles you down.

Mai Quesada
At the end of a dark tunnel,
I see the light
and wings of freedom

Kathy Pogachnick
Chained to reality;
let your imagination set you free.

Catherine Munro
Free as a bird
despite the shackles.

Create your own freedom
based on your optimism.

Might be physically captive
but I’m free in my dreams.

Joanne Thangi Nipin
There is always
a dove of hope
even in the deepest despair.

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