Wise Pick For 22 October

wise pick 25oct

Karen Law Cochran
Turn the light on yourself
and shine.

Maria Shaikh
Create a limelight
by yourself,
for yourself.

Ashish Verma
Shed some light
upon yourself and
blossom your life.

Shweta Yadav
Always be a self discoverer
and you will eventually
be enlightened.

Jeni Medina
We can be our own light.
Happiness can be ours
from within.

Leta Marie DeMello
When you find yourself
amidst the dark,
be the source of your own light.

Jayalakshmi Sourirajan
For all the world’s a stage,
Be a star under your
own limelight.

Gina Marino-Vitiello
Don’t wait for the light
to shine on you.
Light yourself up.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
Don’t let anyone
or anything dim your light.
May your light always
shine bright.

Dannielle Roberts
Sometimes you have to be
your own light.

Sahaj Palod
Be your own light
in this dark world.

Sulekha Pande
Set the focus upon yourself,
light up your own world.

Debra Pry
In the darkness,
I found my own light.

Deanna Grant
I will shine bright,
in a world full of fight.
I’ll make me right,
and be my own light.

Sherry Greene
I finally learned
joy and feeling free,
now that I shine
my own light on me

Mary Kirkpatrick
Glow in the light
of your own endeavors.
It’s a place you’ll be happy
for hours and hours.

Jim Joseph Sarona
You have the ability
to light up and shine
and be the best version
you can be.

Deanna Grant
The light won’t dim.
When you shine the lamp
upon yourself.

Carly Hutchins
Put yourself in the spotlight
and see how you shine.

Create your
own spotlight.

Lucky Kaushik
Switch on your inner light.
The external brightness is

The only one
who can bring you
into brightness
is you.

The light to shine
is inherent in us,
just find the right shape
to capture it.

Nouri Ashour
You are your own light,
so let that light shine.

you just have to
put the spotlight
on yourself.

Brooke Smith
Don’t search for light,
be your own light.

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