Wise Pick For 22 June

Surya Ramachandran 

A beautiful soul of a man
can heal broken heart
of woman.

Jan Steve Stiller 

Love is
the only thing
to mend
a broken heart.

Jackie De Klerk 

Once your heart is shattered,
very few will have the chance
to show their love to you.

Gennie Gahuman Serna 

When ones heart is broken,
it takes another warm heart to heal.

Ashlie Wilson 

Two souls came together
and two souls shared their heart.
Yet one remained indifferent
while the other fell apart.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

The tears
of the broken-hearted,
create fears
in the whole-hearted.

Fern Goodman 

It’s hard to love a woman
who has a broken heart.

Shelli Holcomb 

A love in the past,
with so much pain,
has made it hard,
to love again.

Sarita Khullar 

My heart is whole,
I will mend your broken heart,
don’t worry.

Donna C. Ricablanca 

I chose to break my heart
just to make yours whole.

Jocelyn Luck 

Love with open eyes.
Closed eyes can
break your heart.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon 

How great a man
who can heal a heart
he did not break.

Barbara Bauer 

I have a broken heart and
you are clueless as to why.

Enaohj Anaisur 

Let me heal your
broken heart.


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