Wise Pick For 21 September

wise pick 24sep

wise pick 24sep1 Marie-Claire Leclezio
Let your external beauty, be a reflection of your inner beauty.

wise pick 24sep2 Debra Pry
A beautiful heart is the only accessory that matters.

wise pick 24sep3 Sulekha Pande
If your face,
doesn’t mirror
your inner beauty,
then all the external beauty
is nothing but a mask

wise pick 24sep4 Ashok Pande
Face the reflections of your heart,
Which is a mirror to your soul,
Nurture it,
Act upon it but,
Never ignore it,
To maintain,
A make-believe image.

wise pick 24sep5 Monica Mishra
Until, you don’t see the reflection of my heart, you won’t truly understand the person that I am.

wise pick 24sep6 Surendra Mahindrakar
It’s blissful to reflect and appreciate not only your own youthful body but also youthful heart. That’s the coin of beauty with both sides!

wise pick 24sep7 Sarrveshwaran
If only we see beauty with how good our heart is, not how slim and white our body seems, how different our perception of beauty would then be!

wise pick 24sep8 Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Bearing it all means more than the skin,
it is the exposure of your heart within.

wise pick 24sep9 XJoy Mcalene
No matter how attractive and beautiful you are. There’s nothing more captivating than your heart.

wise pick 24sep10 Mai Quesada
Despite the nakedness of my whole being. . .
I see the beauty of my heart, the love it gives unceasingly!

wise pick 24sep11 Shanthi Priya
What if our mirrors showed our hearts instead of our faces..
People would love themselves more for their inner soul than their outer appearance..
Beauty is not in the skin or body..
It’s what lies and grows in our hearts

wise pick 24sep12 Rinku Shah
The mirror only shows…
What inside you flows.
See your heart in your reflection,
It’s your love in action!

wise pick 24sep13 Leta Marie DeMello
I look in the mirror and all I can see, is a radiant heart staring back at me.

wise pick 24sep14 Shilpika Bagh
We are as “beautiful”; as we “see” ourselves to be

wise pick 24sep15 Shirley Finley
When you bare all, the most important is what is in your heart!

wise pick 24sep16 Ashish Verma
It’s the quality of your heart that reflects how beautiful you are..

wise pick 24sep17 Starry Sue
You are the most beautiful women in the world when your heart is filled with love, passion, and kindness

wise pick 24sep18 Kim DeCocco-Sharon
You may look in the mirror with all your perfections but it’s what is in your heart that matters.

wise pick 24sep19 Annette Hawkins
When you look into the mirror to see your reflection, remember your beauty is on the inside not the outside.

wise pick 24sep20 Siony Benemerito McCor
Beauty is more than meets the eye,
It’s the reflection of the heart that can’t deny.

wise pick 24sep21 Cory Cook
As you reflect on what you’ve become be certain to see your worth and what your heart is trying to show you

wise pick 24sep22Praveen Kulkarni
Your thoughts create your beauty

wise pick 24sep23 Grace A. Comia
The heart is the reflection of true inner beauty.

wise pick 24sep24 Monica Mishra
A beautiful heart is more attractive, than a beautiful face

wise pick 24sep25 Sherry Greene
Look into your own heart.
Expose the real you

wise pick 24sep26 Eliza Smith
See the real reflection of my beauty

wise pick 24sep27 Varsha Raman
If only people could look in the mirror and appreciate the beauty on the inside rather than just improving the way they look on the outside, the world would be a better place.

wise pick 24sep28 Divya Jain
I am not just a female body, an object of desire. I am a human with a sensitive heart and tender soul, who feels the pain when ill-treated and blossoms with happiness when considered lovable and worthy of respect.

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