Wise Pick For 21 January


Wise Pick For 21 January

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 21 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryMary Kirkpatrick
I grasp the value of wealth.
It controls my mental health.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuarySherry Greene

When money’s all you have in mind
It leaves you friendless, unloved, unkind

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryKamlesh Bhasin

Loosen your mind from the tight grip
of money-minded thoughts.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryIlda Coelho

Save room in your mind
for something other than money

Wise Pick For 21 JanuarySulekha Pande

Having money on your mind,
Will never heal your pain,
For money is
the root cause of loss,
And not of any gain.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryMai Quesada

An obsession for the love of money
preoccupying your mind
defies all the wisdom
and values needed for your life!

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryPauline Ebijimi

As much as you think that
money can solve all your problems
but also bear in mind
that it’s a temporary comfort.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryBeena Baburajan

Sell your Brain and Brawn
to the highest bidder
but never put a price tag
on your heart and soul

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryShilpika Bagh

The “crave” for
materialistic pleasures in life;
“deprives” us
from the real treasures of life

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryRational Akrofi Akuffo
In the minds of many,
money remains the only known security
to cling onto.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryDebra Pry

The world is money motivated,
When it should be love motivated..
Choose wisely.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryRinku Shah

I can’t pretend…
To be rich is what I intend.
Money is my priority,
Love and happiness have
no longer any authority!

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryAdrainenne Monique Gordon

We have been brainwashed to love
and value money
over knowledge and wisdom,
which is priceless.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryPamela Church

When all you do is wrap your mind
around the love of money
You leave little room
for anything of value

Wise Pick For 21 JanuarySakina Kudrati

Minds trapped in money-making
lives a life of hell
with no emotional feeling and empathy

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

The thoughts of money
burdens the minds of many.

Wise Pick For 21 Januarylunatic.retro

Money is like a jealous lover,
it won’t let you love anything else.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryLife Coach

Embrace your money mindset.
May you experience abundance.
You deserve it.

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryAnkita Devadiga
Don’t let money
occupy your mind completely

Wise Pick For 21 JanuaryDivya Jain

Even money is just a part of life
and not the heart of life!


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