Wise Pick For 20 October

wise pick 23oct1Eli Benchell Eisman
The blind leading
the willfully blind.

wise pick 23oct2Armando Dasigo Baria
The man who can not see
guides the one who is
blinded by technology.

wise pick 23oct3Gilberto Reyes
The blind see
with his other senses
and thus able to guide others.
Fully abled senses
are disabled by technology.

wise pick 23oct4Kimberly Struckman Foutch
I may be blind,
but I can see
more than my helper.

wise pick 23oct5Carol Wagoner
Visually impaired
or blinded by technology.
One had no choice,
the other one did.

wise pick 23oct6Ashish Verma
Technology addiction
has blinded humans
to such an extent that
even a blind can be their eyes.

wise pick 23oct7Shilpika Bagh
You are ‘blind’ to lead;
when ‘bind’ to the screen.

wise pick 23oct8Anu Bhatia
Technology blindness
has overshadowed
the real blindness.

wise pick 23oct9Vinay Dharpure
has impaired our vision
even more than a blind.

wise pick 23oct10Surendra Mahindrakar
Depiction of sight
and insight.

wise pick 23oct11Donna McCarthy
The blind
leading the blind.

wise pick 23oct12Joseph Hall
The rise of technology
has assured that
we are being led by
the morally blind.

wise pick 23oct13DrMadhavrao Sanap
Real blind is leading
a real sighted,
gone blind
due to mobile addiction.

wise pick 23oct14Maria Salud
The blind see the reality of life,
and the one who can see
is being blinded by the gadget.

wise pick 23oct15Eliza Smith
The blind leading
the screen blinded,
do not limit your vision.

wise pick 23oct16Suz
The blind leading
the blinded by technology.

wise pick 23oct17Christine Pudney
One is blinded by circumstances
out of his control,
the other is blinded by choice.
is the state of mind
more than the condition
of your eye.


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