Wise Pick For 20 June

Laira Margen 

Inside of each of us,
is just an inner child
yearning to love
and be loved in return.

Resh Sh 

We’re connected
on a deeper level
our souls are innocent
and will always reach
for each other.

Maria Ferns 

The child within us cried,
begging to be together and smile.
Our ego overtook our minds,
making us both blind.
We let go of each other,
even though our love was divine.

Ashish Verma 

Release your
inner child
to guide you
towards your
best decision of life.

Sherry Greene 

Our outer facades
hide the children
within our hearts.

Lisa Dutkiewicz 

We should listen
to our inner child’s love
and never turn our back
on their voices.
We might miss out
on a beautiful thing
if we don’t listen.

Nathan Egan 

My inner child
loves your inner child.

Karthik Dhananjay 

You are separated
by your ego but
remember your soul
always wanted
to be together and
loved each other.

Debra Pry 

We all have
an inner child,
waiting to escape.

Mai Quesada 

Our inner child
emotions seemed to
connect more freely
than our actual
physical beings.

Er Sunita Sahoo 

While the carefree CHILD
within me gleams with
selfless love, unfaltering trust
and longs for sincere
and eternal friendship,
the ADULT version of me
prefers to restrict these emotions
and walk away from
these tangling bonds,
scared of past experiences
and future regrets

Martin Ochere 

Let not pride and ego
stop you from
finding each other.
My inner child is
calling out to yours.


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