Wise Pick For 2 June

Rinku Shah 

A quick rise comes with a price.
It is a temporary glory.
A crashing fall
will make you feel sorry.

Maria Ferns 

Pyramid built with money,
seems like our lives are easy.
The roots were weak, ending
the luxury you dreamed.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon 

Sitting high on your
pedestal of wealth eventually
will become a very lonely place.

Mai Quesada 

Bask in your wealth.
but it does not give you
all the happiness
you are looking for.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Accumulating money
gives a false sense of security,
to those who strive for that
exclusive upward mobility.

Shweta Yadav 

Never build ‘transient’
foundation for ‘happiness’.

Ashish Verma 

Satisfaction by the
short term success
leads to your downfall
in no time.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Money alone is not a
solid foundation on which
to build your life.

Rinku Shah 

You made it to the top,
without a stop.
Please check the base,
or you will fall flat on your face.

Shilpika Bagh 

Living on a deck of ‘cash’;
may be comfortable
until the ‘crash’.

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Money can buy
creature comforts but
what do you have left
after you fall from the top.
That’s what is important

Viviana OR

Money provides a temporary
(and unreliable) sense of comfort.


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