Wise Pick For 2 August

Ashna Choudhary

of knowledge.

Sulekha Pande

Give wings to your imagination,
enter the world of fascination,
read, enhance and higher you sway,
on the wings of the books, you fly away.

Ashish Verma

The wings of education
can take the children
to incredible destinations.

Rinku Shah

Each book I read,
was a path I tread.
With no limitations,
travelling to new destinations.
Books empower readers,
they are mind feeders.

Anjana Surendran

To chase and conquer
amidst the clouds of happiness
I mended self with the
wings of knowledge.

Debra Pry

Armed with knowledge.
will take you places.

Jackie De Klerk

The best adventures
stem from books and
your imagination.

Amrita Mishra

Wings of books and knowledge
will take you to the sky
when it comes to success.

Edna Tortor Fregene

A book can
carry anyone
that is willing to fly
to success.

Cfa Deepti Bindal

Books give
wings of imagination
to fly high and adventurously
in the skies of fascination.

Sayeeda Pearl

Books are the wings
that carries you
to the flight of imagination.

Archana Gupta

Knowledge gives me
wings of happiness
and wisdom to fly.

Sherry Greene

I love to fly on the
wings of pages.

Dr Jasmine Vij

Wings of knowledge
leads to flight of thoughts.

Shilpika Bagh

Our imagination
soar ‘heights’;
in the company
of ‘good books’.


gives you the wings
to fly high above the world.


Books give you wings
because they give you
the ability to think better.

Swati Sinha

gives you the wings
to fly to places
that you never thought
was possible.

Sujit Das

‘Knowledge’ not only
opens the door of mind
but also gives you
the ‘wings of courage’
to accomplish your dreams.


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