Wise Pick For 19 October

wise pick 22oct1Shilpika Bagh
Some hurts are hard to’heal’;
a band-aid may never ‘seal’.

wise pick 22oct2Debbie Gurriere
Healing the mind
is more than
band-aid therapy.

wise pick 22oct3Rinku Shah
The best band-aid,
that was ever made
for a hurting mind,
is time and being kind.

wise pick 22oct4Sherilyn Campbell
It takes more than a
couple of bandaids
to heal a
troubled mind.

wise pick 22oct5Ashish Verma
A bandage can never
lessen the pain
of a damaged brain.

wise pick 22oct6Mai Quesada
A temporary relief
from a mental illness
does not heal you
from a broken mind
and disturbing peace.

wise pick 22oct7Bobbi Clax
Patching up the thoughts,
hurt and pain from the brain.

wise pick 22oct8Phyllis Snider Boyer
You can’t put a
temporary patch on a
permanent problem.
Mental issues must be
continually cared for.

wise pick 22oct9Vesna Donevska
Don’t put a quick fix
on an emotional wound
that can heal you.
If you just let it hurt the way
it’s supposed to.

wise pick 22oct10Sonia Picone
If only
treating your mental health
was as simple as
affixing a band-aid.

wise pick 22oct11Marie McNair
Putting a bandaid on
my issues will
never resolve them.
The only way out is

wise pick 22oct12Billie Deborah Chin
Unless you rip the bandaid off,
the cut will never heal.

wise pick 22oct13Jennifer Steen
A bandaid won’t stop the pain,
only you can change the brain.

wise pick 22oct14Laura Rogan Esposito
Some pain can not be healed
with a band-aid.

wise pick 22oct15Cynthia Shifflet
A wounded mind
needs more than
a band-aid to heal.

wise pick 22oct16Kim DeCocco-Sharon
there is no easy fix
for a wounded mind.

wise pick 22oct17Cynthia Millentree
You can only
bandage the pain in the brain
for a short time.

wise pick 22oct18Deanna Grant
Bandaids won’t heal
what your mind speaks.

wise pick 22oct19Linda Westcott
Putting a bandaid on
mental disease,
instead of trying to fix it.

wise pick 22oct20Lisa Hammock
We must stop putting bandaids
over serious mental illnesses.

wise pick 22oct21David Chapman
Mental illness
cannot be repaired
with a bandaid.

wise pick 22oct22cHaNdAnA S
may heel wound in mind
but takes time,
it depends upon how it hurts.

wise pick 22oct23Eliza Smith
A band-aid
will only hold for so long,
there is no quick fix
to heal the mind.

wise pick 22oct24Julie Ryderis Carnelly
You can’t put a band-aid
on mental health.

wise pick 22oct25Eva
must be realized
from within the mind
For band-aids merely
shield the wound behind.

wise pick 22oct26Jass E.
A bandage mind
is hard to gauge.


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