Wise Pick For 19 June

Jayme JB Odinrab 

Be willing to offer
a piece of you
if it means making
another whole again.

Brenda Lorena Leal 

We leave a
part of ourselves
in everyone we meet,
let’s make it a kind part.
A loving part.

Maria Ferns 

Give what you have,
to help another human.
Losing a part of yourself,
gains happiness
which is heartfelt.

Mai Quesada

Genuine generosity
requires unselfish giving
and even giving more
to the extent of making
less of ourselves.

Shilpika Bagh 

When you can ‘give’
while falling apart;
you are in ‘peace’
with yourself.

Leuqar Riuqub Ortsac Ed 

Sometimes we sacrifice
our own happiness
just to fill the emptiness
of others.

Jocelyn Luck 

When you give pieces
of yourself to others,
you will leave empty spaces
in yourself.
Be careful which pieces
you give away.

Enaohj Anaisur 

Most of the kind and
givers experience a
lot of pain because
they know how exactly
the feeling of being broken.

Siony Benemerito McCor 

Some of the most
generous person
you meet are the one
who needs help the most.

Tiffany Blackbutterfly DeGruy 

A giver will give
freely to anyone in need
not because
they have it all together
but because
they know what it
feels like not to.

Debra Pry 

To heal oneself,
you must take pieces
from another broken soul.

Debra Ann Del Sardo 

When we share
a piece of ourselves
with others,
we are connected forever.

Shaz Crowe 

The broken never lose
the quality of giving
to the less fortunate.

Julia Hewett 

Only the broken
know how to
heal the wounded.


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