Wise Pick For 19 July

Jamarkus Walters

The brain grows and
develops by the
exercise of reading.

Sulekha Pande

The brain that carries
the weight of knowledge,
stays healthy and fit,
a fact we all acknowledge.

Sakshi Arora

Our brain needs the
touch of knowledge
to stay healthy and fit.

Marie Miller-Ethridge

Balancing my daily reading
to improve my brain capacity
with knowledge.

Sam Titi Pudumo

The weight
of knowledge
strengthens only
the mind that lifts it.

Anshu Gupta

Good reading
will energize and make
your mind healthy.

Debby Davison

Our bodies needs
exercise and knowledge
in order to
function properly.

Anuj Sharma

A healthy brain
needs a regular
supply of books.

Kristi Littau

The power of your mind
lies in the books
of today, tomorrow
and yesterday.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Exercising the brain
with the books to gain
wisdom and intelligence.

Shilpika Bagh

‘Books’ are
fuel to the brain;
and ‘knowledge’ is the
power we gain.

Ashish Verma

The power of brain
with each successive
load of book
you read.

Sherilyn Campbell

Reading is the
best workout
for your brain.
Read to succeed.

Cfa Deepti Bindal

Books not only provide
knowledge but they open
doors for creativity and wisdom
and strengthen your brain.

Nancy Shurkoff

The most intelligent
one can do is to
exercise the brain,
for knowledge is power.


Knowledge is
not only power
but also strength.
Don’t forget to
exercise your brain.

Kathan Patel

Books is to mind
what lifting is
to muscles.


A worthy brain
having worthy knowledge
by worthy books.


Exercise your brain.
Lift books.


Train your brain
muscles with reading.
Knowledge is power.


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